Branding Nigeria: Nollywood films as sustainable tools


  • Edmund Chukwuma Onwuliri University of Abuja


brand, branding, nation-branding, Nigeria, film, nollywood


In the last two decades, the subject of nation branding has attracted immense scholarly attention. However, the concept remains in its formative stage. This study examines the possibility of achieving nation branding for Nigeria through the Nollywood film enterprise. With the quantum of films produced by the industry and the everincreasing distribution and consumption profile of its content, Nollywood represents the most significant single national export of Nigeria apart from oil and gas while maintaining a solid domestic audience base with significant commercial viability. Considering that the Nigerian nation had made some attempts previously at branding the country, the current study argues that the rising profile of Nollywood, if strategically managed and applied, presents an effective platform towards sustainable nation branding for Nigeria. The study further argues that the controversies surrounding the concept of brand, branding and nation branding may be easily addressed through the application of nation image management or perception engineering, which the Nollywood film culture, through its diversity and flexible creativity potentials, can provide on a sustainable basis.

Author Biography

Edmund Chukwuma Onwuliri, University of Abuja

Faculty of Arts,University of Abuja , FCT




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Onwuliri, E. C. (2022). Branding Nigeria: Nollywood films as sustainable tools. Journal of Creative Arts, Communication and Media Studies, 1(1), 91–105. Retrieved from

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