Prevalence of overweight and obesity among hypertensive and diabetic patients seeking care at a rural Kenyan hospital

a cross-sectional study

  • V Mwenda, Dr. Consolata Hospital Nkubu
  • J Njuguna Consolata Hospital Nkubu
  • M Musa Consolata Hospital Nkubu
Keywords: Overweight, Obesity, Prevalence, Kenya


Background: The current global epidemic of overweight and obesity contributes significantly to disease burden through mortality and morbidity. This study aimed at estimating the burden of overweight and obesity among hypertensive and diabetic patients.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective review of medical records at the medical outpatient clinic at Consolata Hospital, Meru County. Records with complete demographic information, specified diagnosis, Body Mass Index (BMI) recorded at least once in the previous three visits were eligible for inclusion. Records for patients below 18 years and above 69 years were excluded. The data was then cleaned in Ms-Excel and analyzed using Statistical Package for Descriptive and differential statistics were calculated.

Results: A total of 350 records were eligible; mean age 58.2 years (56.8-59.6) while 67% were female. Hypertension was present in 49% of the study subjects, 36% had type 2 diabetes while the rest had both conditions co-existing. The mean BMI overall was 26.6kg/m 2 (24.5-27.2) . Females had a higher mean BMI by 0.95kg/m 2 (95% C.I, -2.07-0.16, P=0.093). Overall, 54% of males had a BMI of 25-29kg/m 2 while 18% had a BMI of 30kg/m 2 and above. This is compared to 59% and 26% of the females, respectively.

Conclusion: Overweight and obesity is highly prevalent in this population of hypertensive and/or type 2 diabetic patients. Weight management needs to be integrated in the package of care for these patients.

Author Biographies

V Mwenda, Dr., Consolata Hospital Nkubu

Department of Internal Medicine and Endoscopy

J Njuguna, Consolata Hospital Nkubu

Department of Surgery

M Musa, Consolata Hospital Nkubu

Department of Primary Health Care and Outpa-tient Services