Female Mask/Masquerade in Nigeria, Aesthetics and the Art of Secret Societies

  • Esther Akumbo Nyam Plateau State University
Keywords: aesthetics, Mask, masquerade


The Dramatic performance by actors in masks and costumes still remains enigmatic. The ideological context of mask, and masquerade in Africa is associated with the spirit world which is an act of secret society dominated by men’s world. This paper focused on the role, performances and contributions of women in masquerade performances in Nigeria. The symbolism of women’s aesthetics, cosmology, mythology, performance, Genre, audience participation, construction, and originators and custodians of mask and masquerade is highlighted as emerging trends of feminist discuss in contemporary theatre performances as central to women liberation in men’s dominated society. The paper concludes the role and place of women in taking the masquerade performances, economic, social, political, culture empowerment from it’s inception as custodians of Spiritism.

Author Biography

Esther Akumbo Nyam, Plateau State University

Department of Theatre Arts,

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Nyam, E. (2020). Female Mask/Masquerade in Nigeria, Aesthetics and the Art of Secret Societies. Journal of African Theatre, Film and Media Discourse, 1(1), 97-104. https://doi.org/10.33886/kujat.v1i1.129