From Primary Orality to Secondary Orality

Internationalizing Eggonnyum Onzho Theatre in the Age of Globalization

  • Hussaini U. Tsaku University of Jos
Keywords: Eggonnyum Onzho Theatre, Kenya


There are two sides to the phenomenon of globalization: the positive and the negative. On the negative side, it is apparent that indigenous cultures and performances are being dangerously diluted and annihilated due to the unprecedented proliferation of globalized values and norms. On the positive however, globalization has opened up many cultures to the world by removing physical distances and space, creating a phenomenon of cultural syncretism evident in information and communication technologies. In this paper, the researcher tries to examine the possibility of internationalizing Nyum Onzho and some aspects of the theatre in order to promote, showcase and project its theatricality across the world through the instrumentality of the variables of globalization such as the television, video-film format and internet sources.Among the Eggon, a story is called Onzho and the art of the storytelling itself is called Nyum Onzho. Hence, Nyum Onzho is the art of storytelling. The aim of this performance is to produce an individual who is transparent, honest, respectful, skilful, and cooperative and one who could conform to the social order of the society. This art of storytelling is central to the life of every Eggon person. It is largely secular and the most eclectic and dynamic in form and content.This paper also explores the proposition for a paradigm shift from primary orality to secondary orality. That is, from its original face-to-face format into the digital format.It also examines how Nyum Onzho performance and the indices of globalisation could be adapted to each other and harnessed in the service of development objectives of the Eggon people. This paper concludes that, despite the challenges, losses and treat inherent in globalization, there are also significant gains,
opportunities and benefits the advent of globalization has offered. It therefore becomes imperative for the Eggon people to key into these numerous benefits and opportunities globalization has provided to internationalize, promote and showcase their culture and cultural performance to the global community.

Author Biography

Hussaini U. Tsaku, University of Jos

Department of Theatre and Film Arts

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Tsaku, H. (2020). From Primary Orality to Secondary Orality. Journal of African Theatre, Film and Media Discourse, 1(1), 146-163.