Covid-19: The Nexus Between Community Lockdown and Upsurge in Crime in Nigeria

  • Bashir Bello Federal University Gusau, Zamfara
  • AYUB Akeem Olalekan Federal University Gusau, Zamfara
Keywords: Covid -19, Pandemic, Community lockdown, Rape, Kidnapping, Banditry


COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for the current phase of social existence which is characterized with the need for lockdown, social distancing, regular washing of hands and ensuring proper hygiene. Globally, social lives have been adjusted and various measures have been enacted to curb the spread of the virus. Nigeria is not an exception; governments at various levels have put in place measures to avert the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Some of these measures are apparent in the community lockdown and stay at home order instituted. The intention has been to control the spread of the virus and to support the health practitioners in their fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and importantly, to ensure a proper social order. However, Criminals have been exploring the period of the community lockdown to exhibit their latest modus of operandi, thereby engaging in various criminal activities. The instituted community lockdown, which is geared towards containing the spread of the virus, seems to have been hijacked by the criminals and turned into an opportunity to cause civil unrest. Nigeria as a nation has witnessed an increase in the reports of rape cases; kidnapping; armed banditry as well as other security challenges during the lockdown. The increase in the rate of crime and social vices seems to have subverted the fundamental intentions of the government. This paper demonstrates the nexus between community lockdown and upsurge in crimes. Crimes, which should have declined during the lockdown, took another dimension. The lockdown was primarily geared toward reducing criminal activities, however, the mode only changed but the crime did not only continue but increases.

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Bello, B., & Olalekan, A. (2021). Covid-19: The Nexus Between Community Lockdown and Upsurge in Crime in Nigeria. Msingi Journal, 5(2), 25-39.